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A Review: Wyevale Garden Center Spring Week



A couple of weeks ago me and my children were invited to take part in the Wyevale spring week activity based in Solihull.

When we arrived at the garden center we made our way to the cafe where a table was set up ready for my children to make some yummy treats. They were both given a mixing bowl, a packet of shredded wheat and a spoon. There were also two bowls on the table full of chocolate smarties and jelly worms. The cafe manager came out and introduced her self and explained what the days task was.

They were instructed to crumble up the shredded wheat into the  mixing bowl.


The Manager then went into the kitchen to get the melted chocolate, she then poured the chocolate into the crumbled shredded wheat and asked the girls to use the spoon to mix the two together.

once the chocolate and shredded wheat were mixed together my girls were encouraged to divide the mixture into cupcake cases. They were then left to decorate each cake as they desired using the smarties and jelly worms.


Now the cakes were complete they were put in the fridge to set. After all that hard work my girls were very hungry so they had a packed lunch which was provided by the cafe. They had five items to choose from which included a ham or cheese sandwich, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, yogurt and juice.


while we were there  me and my other half were offered tea or coffee which was great as we could relax with a nice drink while the kids were kept occupied.

After lunch it was time for the activity to end, we were given boxes to take our creations home in and the girls were given a goody bag which included sweets, colouring sheets and a balloon.


All in all my girls really enjoyed themselves, The staff at Wyevale cafe were amazing and made all of us feel very welcome.

Wyevale Garden centers offer various activities for the children throughout the school holidays and bank holidays, which give family’s the option to keep their children entertained for very little cost.

All the information for these activities can be found here.