On The Fourth Day Of Christmas: Family Traditions



Thanks for hopping over from The Lawless Gang. When I was a child we did a few things every year that stayed the same until I had children of my own. Every Christmas eve we would go to the local social club, we would meet other members of my family and of course friends.

Christmas day was always the same, we would spend christmas morning at home,  then we would meet my older brother and sister for drinks at the local pub. Christmas dinner was always at my Nan’s house and after we spent a couple of hours there we would go round to my mothers best friends and play games there.

Since I’ve had children some of it has stayed the same. we don’t go to the club on Christmas eve anymore instead we take the girls somehwhere fun in the hope we will tire them out so they will go to bed early. Last year we went to Twinlakes and it was amazing, we were hoping to go this year but due to work commitments we can’t.

Christmas day has changed a bit to, we go to my Nan’s one year then to my mother in law’s the next, but this year its changed completely and I will be the host. This year will be the first year I have spent Christmas day at home.

Another Tradition that we only started Last year was Meeting up with friends. we meet up with friends the week before Christmas and have a meal. This also gives us the opportunity to exchange gifts.

Having Children has changed the way we Celebrate Christmas but Its definatly for the better. Each year is different which I find to better and more exciting.

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