On The Third Day Of Christmas: How Things Have Changed




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I have always loved Christmas, and I still feel and act like a big kid on Christmas Morning. I’ve always enjoyed buying gifts for people and watching there faces light up when they open them, But when I had my children Christmas just got better and better. I really enjoy Taking part in all the Christmas Activities that are on offer, as well as making lists with them to send to Father Christmas. The magic That was lost as i got older has now returned and seeing how excited they get on Christmas day is just priceless.

Christmas for me has never been about getting drunk and partying the whole time so having children hasn’t stopped me from doing those things, its made Christmas a lot more special.

Obviously the main thing that has changed for me is my bank balance,  now I have my children I spend a lot more money, which is all worth it when I see there little faces light up on Christmas morning.

I have also Noticed there are less decorations in my house, Especially this year as we had a kitten join the family. we have a smaller tree which is positioned on a cupboard, instead of a big tree on the floor. We have had to do this as the cat likes to Knock things over, at present she hasn’t touched the tree , but I’m not holding my breath and i fully expect her to knock it over before Christmas comes to an end.

We also have acquired many singing and dancing Christmas Characters which my children love to set off, so we are never to far away from a Christmas song.

I am so excited this Christmas more then I have been through the years as both my Children are at the age where they understand which in turn has made them more excited about the big day.

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