On The Second Day Of Christmas: My List To Santa.




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Every Year My family and Friends always as me the same Question “What would you Like for Christmas” and I always have the same answer “I Have no idea”

Obviously their are things that i would love in life but these are usually unrealistic. so here is my list of unrealistic things that I would love but the likely hood of me ever getting them or ever happening is very small:

  • A good nights sleep: Since having my youngest Daughter who is now 3, me and my fiancé haven’t had a decent nights sleep as she will not sleep all night in her own bed. most parents will understand this as when a child is your bed they toss and turn all night, as well as take up most of the bed. I would love just one night of undisturbed sleep that is followed by a lie in. (wishful thinking I know).
  • A nice family outing without one tantrum: We try as much as possible to have family days out a couple of times a year, but they always seem to end with me or my fiancé in a bad mood because one of my children has played up for one reason or another.
  • A clean car free of crumbs: My car always seems to get in a mess, my children like to leave there crisp packets, drink cartons in there ( I am also guilty of this)
  • A Washing Fairy: I would love a fairy or magic wand to get my washing done in quick time, I always seem to be washing and putting clothes away on a daily basis.
  • My hair to be left alone just for one day: My Youngest daughter is forever playing with my hair for comfort. She has done this since she was 9 months old. It can be quite painful Sometimes as she like to twist it until it knots up.
  • And last but not least I would love what most mothers would love, to have my figure back without giving up my favourite sweet treats.

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