Merry Hill’s Christmas Grotto and Elf School

I Can’t believe It’s that time of the year but it’s Christmas in just over a month and the Christmas Grotto is back.

On Saturday Merry Hill shopping Center in Brierley hill had Their Christmas Light switch on event, so I decided I would Brave the insane amount of traffic and take my girls to take part in the provided activities and also to the santa parade.

When I arrived i did have to wait in traffic for around 20 minutes but once I got to the multistorey car park I found a space within 5 mins so I didn’t think that was too bad.

When we got into the center we went straight to the stage area to watch freeradio’s presenters jo and sparky entertain the crowd. They held a competition called carryonaoke, the rules of this competition was to finish a song when the music stopped.  The prizes up for grabs were vouchers to spend in merry hill ranging from £10 to the grand prize of a £100.

My girls were starting to get bored and we had half an hour to wait for the santa parade, so we decided to have a look around the shops.

My eldest daughter who is 5 is already a fashionista and loves to choose her own clothes, so we went into River Island and looked at their kids range.

River Island has a beautiful range of kids clothes although some of them can be a little bit too adult like. Chloe found a few things in there she loved but she fell in love with a brown suede body warmer with a fake fur collar. For more information and to purchase items from the kids range visit there website.


That killed some time and we made our way to the Santa’s grotto for the start of the parade.

When we got there we were met by Santa’s elves. They were handing out sweets to the children and getting them all excited for the arrival of the big man himself.

When santa finally made an appearance he said hello to the children and got into his train. The train then made its way around the center.

I then went into the grotto and booked my slot for out trip to visit santa and attend elf school.

By this point my girls were very hungry so we went to the food court for some lunch.

After we filled our tummy,s we went and watched Titan the robot entertain the crowd with his singing and joke telling.


Titan proved to be a real hit with the children and my girls never took their eyes off him until it was time to say goodbye.

It was now time for us to make our way to Santa’s grotto.

When we arrived we were handed a ticket that enabled us to visit elf school and see santa.


We went into elf school and the elf professor and her assistant cracker taught the children how to say merry Christmas in elvish. They then went through the rules of being an elf which included always be happy.

They then taught the children the elves favourite dance and their secret elf greeting.

Once all this was done the children graduated from elf school and received a certificate and special elf hat.


We then waited in Santa’s winter forest for out turn to meet the man himself.


We then went into Santa’s own little room and he asked the girls what they would like for Christmas and if they have been good. He then gave them each a coloured santa money. we were led to Santa’s toy shop so the girls could spend their money in a gift of their choice.

My eldest Chloe chose a frozen activity book and Scarlet chose the snowman and snowdog activity book.

All this only cost £6 and my girls enjoyed every minute of it.

It is definitely worth going to this grotto if you’re in the area.

More information can be found here.


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