A Different kind of Party


My two girls were invited to a party at Dudley zoo.

I was unaware that they did birthday party’s so I was excited to what was on offer.

When we arrived we were escorted to the park train that took us up to the castle, where the party rooms are.

The party rooms are situated in the castle grounds.

There were two rooms, one room for party games and activities and another room where the children will sit down and have lunch.

20151004_120031 20151004_115622

When we arrived at the party room, the two party hosts introduced themselves.

The main host was a man and he asked the children  what there favourite animals were and if they knew the sounds they make.

After a brief chat it was time to meet and greet the animals.

The animal that was brought out was a snake.  He spoke about the snake and told the children some facts about the way the live.

They then had an opportunity to touch and feel the snake.


The next animal was a lizard. The host spoke about the lizard and asked the children questions.


The next animal was a rat, but as I don’t like rats I decided to wait outside until it was back safely in his cage.

The last animal was a chinchilla and it was the favourite of the day.


It was now time for you party games.

The first game was pass the parrot which is exactly like pass the parcel.

Each child won a prize that they could choose themselves.20151004_115356_017

The next game was a find game. There were 10 different animal pictures stuck around both rooms. The children had to find them and write the name of the animal next to the number.

20151004_120022 20151004_120500

It was now time to sit and have lunch. Each child was given a box with a sandwich, crisps, chocolate, jelly and and drink.


After the lunch the party hosts escorted us to the face painter. Each child was able to choose there own design and there were a lot of styles to choose from.

20151004_125425 20151004_125305 20151004_125637

We were then left to look around the Zoo and see the animals.

Dudley zoo is home to many species of animal including sea lions and monkeys.

20151004_135636 20151004_132733 20151004_131526 20151004_130836 20151004_134413

There are also a few playgrounds around the park so there’s lots to do to keep the kids occupied.

20151004_110034 20151004_105940

The Birthday parties at Dudley zoo is definitely something different and it is actually not to expensive.

So if you want to book a party that will impress your guests and make the Birthday girl/boys day special then you should book a party here.

More information, prices and how to book can be found here.


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