Cravendale Milk Challenge

This post is entry for Britmums #MilkDrinkersMilk  Linky Challenge, Sponsored by Cravendale.

I received some Vouchers to purchase a 2 litre bottle of Cravendale milk. When the vouchers arrived I went to Morrison’s and purchased My milk.

I decided to buy a whole milk for my children, My youngest daughter isn’t a fan of milk and I have tried many variety’s of milk in the hope she would drink it, but she just would not give in and refused to even try it.

That same night I made both my girls a glass of milk at bed time, and I waited for my daughter to turn her nose up but to my surprise she took a sip. She then told me that the milk was delicious.  I was shocked as I have tried so hard to get her to drink milk. She then went on to finish the while cup.

I decided to try the milk myself to see what the difference was, Cravendale milk is very creamy which made it quite pleasant to drink. I am so happy that I have found a milk drink that she actually enjoys.

20151016_195512 20151016_195518

My eldest Daughter on the other hand really likes milk. She has cereal every morning but never finishes the milk at the end. When I used the Cravendale milk on her cereal the next morning she finished her cereal and drank the milk, she then asked what milk I used to make her breakfast, she told me that this milk tasted different and in her own words ” This milk is very yummy, I like this milk better, can you buy it again”.

20151019_073752 20151019_073801

I also purchased the Semi Skimmed milk for myself and my finance, I noticed that this milk made my normal boring coffee into a creamy taste sensation.

I honestly thought that all milk was the same but Cravendale has proven me wrong.

This milk is now going to be apart of my shopping list and will be the only milk I use.

For more information on this milk go to there website.



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