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Nailcote Hall


Me and my other half were invited to his friend’s wedding at Nailcote hall. Kids weren’t invited so we decided we would take advantage and have a night to ourselves. We booked a room at the premier Inn which was just up the road from the hall.

When we arrived at the hall I could quickly tell that this place was going to beautiful. There is a reception area with adjoining bar so we decided we would get a drink before the ceremony started.

it was time to go and take our seats ready for the ceremony. This took place in a separate building from the bar area. The room was quite spacious and there was a staircase that we walked down to take our seats.

This created the perfect setting for the bride to make a grand entrance.

Taken from the Nailcote hall website

Photo Taken from the Nailcote hall website

There was a man playing a piano in the Background which added a touch of class.

After the all the vows were said and the documents were signed it was time for the photos. As with all weddings this can take quite a while, so the bride and groom hired a magician to keep the guests occupied. The Magician was amazing and did some tricks that you would see on dynamo. The Magician can be found on the Slightly unusual Website.

After all the photos were done it was time to move to the reception venue which was in a Marquee situated by the Bar area of the hall.

The Marquee was very big and Decorated in a very grand style. There was a lit dance floor and little led lights on the ceiling.

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The piano was put onto the dance floor and the pianist played a variety of genres while we sat down to eat our three course meal.

The three course meal was also very nice and was provided by the Nailcote chefs.

To start we had a mozzarella and onion tart with side salad, Then  the main came out which was a chicken breast stuffed with apricot and sage mouse, with dauphinose potatoes , roasted parsnip and carrots. To finish we were brought a chocolate brownie with orange ice cream which I have to say was heaven on a plate. As we where eating this delicious food the waiters brought round red wine, white wine and rose .

After the meal it was time for the evening’s entertainment to begin. This was hosted by a DJ and a disco.

Half way into the night a buffet was brought out, this consisted of Fried fish, chicken wings, Pizza, Wraps, Spring rolls, and chips.

Overall it was one of the nicest weddings I have been to and was very elegant and grand.

Nailcote Hall Caters for weddings as well as parties and conferences.

All the information and how to book can be found here.