Our Trip To Becky Falls


If you read my last post you will Know that me and my family went to Dawlish for a little break away. While we were there we visited a very beautiful place called Becky Falls.

Becky falls is a big woodland park full of tall trees, streams and beautiful flowers. The forest has a very magical feel to it and there was lots to do to keep my children occupied.

The drive up to Becky Falls was packed full with beautiful scenery and very steep and small roads which added a bit of excitement to the trip there. When we arrived we parked on the car park and the attendant asked us for the admission fee. Since I have had a debit card I rarely carry cash so I asked if I was able to pay using my card, this wasn’t a problem and he wrote out a receipt for me to take to the cafe and pay.

The walk into the park itself was exciting and my children loved walking through the forest and over the bridge. I went and paid at the cafe as instructed and the staff were very helpful. I was handed a map of various routes that can be taken throughout the park, all are colour coordinated  to show easy routes and hard routes. The man who served me explained because we have two small children the blue route would be best to take, he then handed me two stamp books for my girls so that they could stamp each animal in the book when we get to a stamping station. If we managed to collect all the stamps the children could then choose a prize from the gift shop.

P1010230 P1010232

We then got ready for our walk, Before we got to the blue route we spotted a small petting zoo which had animal such as goats, chickens, rabbits and Shetland ponies, we were allowed to go right into the enclosed area so we could stroke and pet the animals. My girls loved this as they have never really came up close to goats and ponies.

P1010213 P101021811954735_10153169651005983_1971725115969023721_n 11953214_10153169651560983_4309572688872790465_n

Once we saw all the animals we continued our walk through the forest following the blue route, There were arrows showing us the way to go and we had to walk over a bridge which led us into the heart of the forest. There was a clear stream running through the forest which housed wild otters, unfortunately we wasn’t lucky enough to see them.

As we walked through the forest every so often we would come across a wooden box with a stamp and ink enclosed in it. My girls loved searching for these and filling their stamp cards.

P1010222 P1010224 P1010237 P1010242 P1010246P1010255 P1010261

Once we walked the blue route my girls were hungry so we went and had a bite to eat in the cafe, because we were in Devon we thought we treat ourselves to a traditional cream tea. It was fairly priced and also delicious. My eldest Daughter took her stamp book to the gift shop and exchanged it for a bouncy ball and my youngest chose a lollipop.

There was lots of food on offer including burgers and steaks and the cafe area was very clean and comfortable.


When we finished our lunch we went round the corner to the craft zone. it was filled with paper plates, pens, glue and various shape stickers. everybody that had visited Becky Falls left their craft creation behind and they were put on the back wall so everybody could see them. There were also reptiles and snakes in this room.

P1010298 P1010308

We all had a go at making something, we then wrote our names on them and the date and left them on display. when we visit again it will nice to see if our creations are still there.

All in all we had a lovely day at Becky Falls and it is really a beautiful and peaceful place. A must see if your ever in that area.

For more information go to the Becky Falls Website.


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