Our Perfect Holiday

This week me and my little family took a trip to Dawlish in Devon for a four night break. We stayed at Golden Sands which is part of the Park Holidays group.


I have never been to Dawlish before so I was excited about going to a new place. It took us 2 and a half hours to get there, which was a good trip as my girls slept the whole way there.

We arrived at the park at 1:00 and our check in time was 2:00 so we decided to park up and explore the park. The first thing I noticed was how big the park was, there was a few types of accommodation this included small caravans, large luxury caravans, Lodges and Apartments. There is also a camping ground with Toilet’s and showers provided.

At 2:00 we went and collected our keys from reception, the Staff were all very helpful and they gave us our keys along with a welcome Pack which included a booklet with information about what the park as to offer and our entertainment passes. I was also given a map of the site that had the directions to our caravan.

When we found our Caravan we decided we would have a look before unpacking the car. Our Caravan was a Gold Plus Rated Caravan and when I opened the door I was amazed at How spacious is was.

It was very clean and we were left a few surprises. There was a loaf of bread, Teabags, Coffee and sugar left on the side and milk, jam and butter left in the fridge. There was also a dining area in the Caravan and left on the table was a bottle of red wine and two Loopy the rabbit teddy’s which filled my children with excitement.







The first thing we did was dropped off our bags then we found an Asda which was about 30 minutes away, we stocked up on food for the week and headed back to the Holiday park.

After I unpacked and made dinner My Fiance took the girls for an adventure around the park and on their travels they found a play park. They all came home very tired so we all went to bed so we could get up early the next morning and explore Dawlish.

Our bed was very comfortable and I had a very good night sleep, the best I’ve had in a while. We had breakfast then we decided we would go swimming. The Site has two swimming pools. One that is inside that joins to an outside pool and a smaller outside pool for the little ones. All the pools were heated which meant even if it was cold outside you would stay warm in the pool. The pools were very clean and there were two lifeguards on site to ensure no accidents happen.

P1010420 P1010421 P1010423

After an hour in the pool we went back to the caravan and got changed, we then took a drive to Becky Falls which was Around 35 minutes away in the car.

Becky Falls is Huge forest, way up in the hills which made the drive there very fun. There are lots of small narrow roads and lots of beautiful scenery.

After spending a few hours at Becky Falls we went back to the Park. We had dinner and got our Glad Rags on ready for the evening’s entertainment at the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is a good size and decorated to a high standard. Each night there was a different act on and between 6:30 and 8:00 they had party dances and games for the children, Including appearances from the club Mascots Loopy and Cyril.

There were quite a few Children’s entertainers and they were all very friendly and very good with the kids. My girls loved the party games and dances, we never seen them until Bingo Started.

P1010425 P1010426 P1010427 P1010430

zpzppz P1010410 P1010411

The Next day we took a trip to Dawlish Warren Beach, its only 5 minutes away in the car and there is a small fun fair, Amusements and shops.

The fair is perfect for the little ones and is very cheap. The beach is also nice and in good weather would make a perfect spot to relax.

20150902_110351 20150902_110907 20150902_112141

While Away we also Visited Teignmouth beach which is a lovely beach with lots of rock pools which my children loved exploring.

P1010354 P1010355 P1010372 P1010384

We also Visited Trago Mills which is 30 minutes away from Golden Sands. Trago Mills is a discount shopping centre that also has a family fun park attached to it. We spent the whole day there as there is just so much to do and again is very cheap. There are various rides including Super Karts, Bumper Boats and Slides as well as a small petting zoo.

20150903_12433920150903_132742 20150903_144620P1010408

Every Morning at 10:00 the Entertainment Crew at the park host activities for the children, These can be anything from party dances to Games and Bouncy castle fun.


All in all we have had the best break away and we will be definitely be visiting Golden sands again in the Future.

Its clean, the staff are amazing and there is always something to do.

For more information on Golden Sands Holiday Park or other holiday parks available you can visit the Park Holidays UK website.’


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