From a Sweet to an Almquest


So today my Best Friend Zoe Sweet is finally get married and I have the pleasure of being apart of her day.

Im not good at making speeches as that involves me speaking out loud to lots of people so instead I thought I would write down the things I would say.

Me and Zoe haven’t been friends since childhood and to be honest when we first met we didn’t actually like one another. We met 7 years ago when she started dating Adam one of my Fiance Andy’s very good friends. At the time me and Andy lived in his family’s pub and Adam brought Zoe in for a drink before taking her for a meal. This was the first time I met Zoe but wasn’t the first time id heard of her as Adam was trying to make her go out with him for a long while, but she was having none of it.

When Zoe entered the pub I was quite shocked at how beautiful she was and I thought how on earth has Adam managed to Talk her into going out with him. (love you really Adam). My first impression of Zoe was that she was very stuck up, which I found out a year later that was the impression she had of me. That was the only time I saw Zoe in the pub and we didn’t meet again till a year later.

We had a BBQ at our family home and Adam and Zoe came over. This time I actually got to talk to her and we found that actually we did have quite a lot in common. As the night went on and More alcohol was consumed we started to get on like a house on fire. We ended up dancing on top of a chest freezer to Hakuna Mata From the Lion King (As this is one of our favourite films) and that’s when our friendship started.

we started to see a lot more of each other and we would go on days and nights out. When Zoe and Adam moved in together we started meeting up on a Saturday night and we would order takeaway have a drink and watch the X factor.



When I had my first child Zoe was there Through all of My daughters Special Moments, And she was one of the first people to meet her. They have a special and close bond and I think they always will.

When Zoe asked me to be Maid Of Honour at her wedding I was Very Excited at the fact that I Will be able to share such a special day with her, So Thanks for that Zo.

Since we have both became mothers we don’t really get to spend as much time together but when we do see each other we just pick up where we left off, which I think is a sign of true friendship.

We have Cried together and we have laughed together and Im sure there will be more of that as the years go by.

There’s not really much more to say apart from I hope she has an amazing day, and Thanks for always being there for me.

I wish you and Adam all the best for the future, and here’s to all the new memory’s you will make as a married couple.

Love you both very much.


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