A Review: Crayola Sidewalk Tattoos


It was my Daughters 5th birthday in July and one of her presents was Crayola’s Sidewalk tattoos. We have been waiting for a day where it was nice enough outside so we could use it.


When I first looked at the package and read the instructions I thought this is going be quite difficult and it wont look like it does on the packet, but I was wrong. This set comes with 4 Tattoos and as its the spring pack we had a Rabbit Tattoo, Rose Tattoo, Egg Tattoo and a Chick. Along with the Tattoos there was a scraper and four coloured chalks.

The Instructions are very clear and photo’s are provided to make it easy.

Step one: Choose a Tattoo then pull off the backing.

Step two: place the tattoo face down on the ground. It was quite windy when we did it so my daughter used her foot to secure it in place.


Step Three: Take the scraper and Scrap it over the design. This was very simple and it transferred very easily.

Step four: Peel up the sheet, colour in and decorate.

IMG_20150808_183423 IMG_20150808_183613

IMG_20150808_183129 IMG_20150808_183135

I was very impressed with this product and My children loved it. Will be something I defiantly buy again.

These are Available from Amazon and are very cheap.

You can find more information on this amazing and fun product as well as Crayola’s other fantastic products here.


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