Our Family Holiday to South Devon

Our Family Holiday to South Devon

Last week me and my little family went for 5 day holiday to Paignton in South Devon, Along With Laura from Mindmoodmommy. We stayed on a holiday camp called Waterside which is part of the Park Holidays group.

 We stayed in a caravan that was just a perfect size for me, my fiancé and my two girls. The best part about our caravan was how clean it was, It was truly pristine. The camp has it own heated outdoor swimming pool, a little convience shop, entertainment venue and a restaurant. Checking in was at 4pm and we were quickly handed our keys and there wasn’t too much waiting round.

The first night we were there we all were very tired from the journey down, so we decided we would grab some dinner from the spinning wheel pub. This pub is on the sea front in Paignton and is one pub I have been using since I was a little girl. The food has always been amazing but this time the menu had changed and there wasn’t a lot of choice.

After we Finished our dinner we took the girls for a walk along the sea front


We ventured onto the pier so my girls could have a go on the 2p machines which they love. Once all the money was spent we went and purchased an ice cream and sat on the play park.

Just on Paignton’s sea front there is a play park filled with climbing ropes slides and even a trampoline. Best thing about this is its free and kept my children occupied for an hour.


The next day we thought it may be a nice idea to go over to Torquay and Visit living coasts.

Living coasts is a sea life zoo filled with animals such as penguins and seals.

The best way and also the most fun way to visit Torquay is by travelling by boat, So we drove to Brixham and parked the car, we then caught the ferry from Brixham Harbour to Torquay.

whilst on the boat the Captain gives a brief talk on the surrounding areas.


When we arrived at Living Coasts there was an offer on, the offer was called a Zooper Ticket. This was one ticket that you brought that covered the cost for Living Coasts and Paignton zoo. This was a much cheaper option so we purchased it.

Living Coasts has a Good Variety of animals including seals, fish and may types of sea birds and penguins.

10405453_10153086786595983_5300147707382261389_n 11539747_10153086786815983_8242372155990928221_n 11737954_10153086788250983_3961403913095313606_n 11738058_10153086785580983_776249214562071277_n

The next day we decided to visit Paignton zoo, Now I don’t generally like zoo’s as I find them very expensive and not worth the money, but this zoo really is the best zoo I’ve ever been to. It has a huge Variety of animals and they have very spacious enclosures which kept the girls occupied for at least 5 hours.

There were talks with keepers throughout the day as well as opportunities to watch Various animals being fed.

11224855_10153088881780983_6356341244791812469_n 11260394_10153088881425983_8319246226962421566_n 11695956_10153088883210983_3594754981690836254_n 1506512_10153088882295983_6208868945422308605_n 11755750_10153088882750983_4882736881240808596_n 11755835_10153088882595983_7950736291443963263_n

There was also two play parks within the park which really helped keep the kids occupied.


11698653_10155771523515251_7918926131477612268_n 11811521_10155771523845251_1762932824437375344_n

The last day of our holiday we decided to go to the beach, which is something that needs to be done when on holiday at the seaside. We chose Goodrington Beach as our destination. This beach really does have everything needed to have a fun day, there is an arcade, ice cream shop, pub and little gift shop on site as well as Quaywest water park for all the thrill seekers.

The weather wasn’t great but this didn’t stop my girls from playing in the sea.

11745328_10155771527055251_5915148973857536_n 11760052_10155771528225251_381062070612085888_n 11751946_10153096147655983_5649877404020181140_n

Overall we had a lovely few days away, Devon really is beautiful place and its perfect for a short holiday.

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