A Review: Run Baby Running Belt



I was sent this product for free for an honest review.

I am currently in a Get Fit state of mind, I take part in a Zumba class and a Boogie Bounce Class, but I don’t feel like that’s enough so I thought I would start running a couple of times a week to. So when I spotted that Run Baby wanted Bloggers to review the belt I jumped at the chance.

When the belt arrived I checked that it was compatible with my phone. I have a Samsung note 3, which is quite a big phone so I was impressed that it did indeed fit. I was also able to hang my house keys off the clip provided.

I was due to go to my Zumba class when the belt arrived so I decided to use the belt to keep my phone in as there is limited space to put your belongings in the room. I adjusted it so it was a good fit and I wore it underneath my gym top. The belt never slipped up and down with each move I did, and I forgot it was there.

I liked the fact that I could keep my belongings close to me while I exercised. I don’t usually take my phone to the class due to lack of space, but having two young children I like to make sure I am available to speak to if a problem arrises at home,  so this belt was the perfect solution.

The next night I couldn’t sleep and decided I would go for a run, I put my phone in the belt along with my keys and off I went. It was nice to have some time just me and my music which I listened to threw my Bluetooth headset. The belt worked a treat although I didn’t tighten it enough so it did slip up and down a couple of times as I ran.

I’m really impressed with this product and its perfect for anybody who runs, goes to fitness classes and even the gym.

This Product can be purchased from <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adjustable-Exercise-comfortable-Run-Baby/dp/B00XUKMPI2/ref=sr_1_15?



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