A Review: Natural Beauty Slimming Tan Tablets


Natural Beauty Slimming is the fastest growing name in the food supplement world, and I have followed them from the start. This company has grown bigger and bigger as people are trying these natural supplements to help give them a boost with there weight loss, Instead of using processed diet foods.

They sell a wide variety of natural supplements including weight loss supplements and beauty supplements. But that’s not all their are Reps all over the country that give advice to their customer’s as well as lots of praise when they achieved there goals.

One of the things that I feel is most amazing about this company is the support that is given to each and every customer, Not just by the reps but also the founder of the company.

When I was asked to test a product in return for an honest review I was thrilled. I decided to try the tan tablets, as I have seen lots of success stories about them and let’s be honest who doesn’t feel good when they are bronzed.


My tablets came very quickly and I just couldn’t wait to try them. The Directions for use are clearly printed on the bottle and I was instructed to take one pill after my main meal.

I took my first one that same day, I did find that the tablets were quite large but with a good swig of water they were easy to take. I also took before pictures of my arms and legs so I could compare.

So now it was time to wait to see results, Natural Beauty Slimming say that results should start to show after about two weeks of taking them and they were right. After two weeks I started to see a difference in skin colour, instead of my white pasty skin tone, I now had a light bronzed look.


MyCollage_3 (1)

So as you can see they do in fact work, and they have made me feel very good about myself.

So Whats In This Amazing Product

There are only a few ingredients in these tablets and they are as follows.

  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid 200mg
  • L-Tyrosine 200mg
  • Copper Gluconate 2mg

They are also Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

These tablets work by a build up of carotenoids, The active Carotenoids in these tablets is a substance called canthaxanthin. Once the tablet is taken this substance is carried through the body and is absorbed where it attaches itself to the fat cells that are found under the skin. this fat layer is darkened by the pigment and shows through the skin.

The tan will only stay while you are taking the tablets.

I was very impressed with the result and I am loving my bronzed skin.

If you would like bronzed skin the safe way then purchase yours now from the Natural Beauty Slimming website.


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