A Review: Bonapiel Anti Cellulite and Body Firming Cream

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I Was sent this product to test and review.

The product came from Amazon and arrived very quickly.

When it arrived I decided I would start Using it that night after I had a shower. My problem areas are my hips and bum so that's were I used the cream.

Bonapiel firming cream has caffeine and retinol as part of its ingredients which are the active ingredients that help reduce cellulite. Caffeine used in cellulite products is known to help get rid of even the most stubborn of cellulite as well as reducing water retention and fat cell clusters which improves circulation and skin appearance.

The retinol ingredient works well for firming the skin as it increases collagen production which helps the skin to look younger and keep elasticity.

The cream has a menthol smell which I found quite relaxing, I used a small amount on each thigh and bum cheek,  I then massaged it in until it was absorbed. When the cream was absorbed it did leave a sticky residue but that only lasted for around five minutes.

I have been using this cream every night for around 2 weeks and I have noticed a difference. My skin feels soft and smooth and the cellulite that was there has reduced.

Bonapiel anti cellulite and firming cream not only works but it also is affordable.

So if you want to get rid of Unwanted cellulite then purchase your now from Amazon.

I was sent this product for free in return for a honest review.


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