A Review: Bar Brat Iceball Maker


I was sent the Bar Brat Ice ball maker to test and review.

When the ice maker arrived I tried it out straight away and what I found was I could make perfect ball ice cubes. These are great to use in any drinks and can add a bit of pizzaz to water or cocktails.

The instructions are clearly printed on the box and are easy to follow. The mould is made from silicone which make helps the ice balls come out with ease.


I filled the water 3 quarters full like I was instructed to do and I carefully placed the lid on. a bit of water did pop out but that didn’t matter. I left it in the freezer for 4 hours. I carefully opened the mould and there were four balls of ice, as you can see from the photo below there was a bit of ice around the ball but that came away when I removed them from the mould.


My other half enjoys a glass of whiskey but unfortunately we didn’t have any, but we did have tequila so I made him a glass of that. I then added an ice ball and what looked like a boring glass of yellow liquid now looked like a sophisticated drink.


I don’t really drink alcohol at home but I do drink sparkling water so I decided to add some fruit to the water before putting in the mould in the freezer. When the balls had frozen they looked interesting and full of colour.


Infused water is all the rage at the minute and I wanted to see if this did the same job. As the ice ball melted I did taste hints of the fruit that I added to the water and it turned my boring glass of water into a fruit infused drink.


This Ice ball maker is great to add to all drinks to make them look more interesting and impressive, it would also be a great addition to a dinner party.

This product can be purchased from Amazon.

I was sent this product for free in return for an honest review.


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