Happy Fathers Day


I’m going to start with my dad. My dad can be a grumpy man at times but he still has been there for me all my life, if I ever need help he is there and he is a brilliant Grandfather to my children (even if he does get them hyper on sweets then goes home). He loves every one of his grandchildren unconditionally and isn’t afraid to show it.

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I have lots of fond memories of my Dad and there something I will Cherish forever.

The next Man in my life that I want to mention is Jim (my Father in Law). He is an amazing Grandfather and a great dad to my Fiance Andy. He to has always been there when we have had a spot of trouble and my girls Adore him. He spends a lot of time with my girls and always makes them happy.

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Last but not least I want to mention the main man in my life my fiancé Andy.


Andy is a brilliant father, he has given me the best gift i could ever ask for and that’s my two beautiful girls.

My girls adore him and I couldn’t ask for a better Dad for my girls.

He works very hard to make sure we are looked after, and he always makes an effort to keep the kids entertained.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers and Grandfathers out there I hope you all have a brilliant day.


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