A Review: Sinivalia Bentonite Clay Face Mask


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I was sent the Sinivalia clay face mask to test and review.


when this product arrived I was expecting a ready-made face mask but the tub that came was just the clay powder which meant that I would have to mix it myself. it has the instructions on the tub on how to mix and what to mix it with, the clay powder can be mixed with plain warm water or the Sinivalia Rose toner and cleanser.

The fact that I had to mix the powder with water means that this will last quite a long time. I mixed 3 teaspoons of the powder with a splash of the cleanser and toner, I felt that it still needed more liquid so I added a bit of warm water to. When I began to mix it up it started to resemble some sort of green sludge.


I carried on mixing then I applied it to my face. I used a make up sponge to do this. When I applied it to my face I expected it to completely cover my face and turn it green but it went on clear. As it dried I could feel my skin getting tighter and when I looked in the mirror my face had turned white.


I left the mask on for 15 minutes just like I was instructed to do, I then rinsed my face with warm water and used a flannel to remove any existing clay. when it was fully removed my skin looked quite red but after about 10 minutes it was back to normal.

my skin felt very soft and smooth and I felt relaxed after using it.

So what’s in this product.

Bentonite clay contains over 70 trace minerals and its the most powerful healing product on the market. This clay mask is Paraben, Gluten and Sulphate free which allows it to be used on all skin types.

Bentonite clay helps with oil absorption, reducing skin congestion which also helps eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin.

This product can be used on men as well as women and has amazing anti- aging power in every use.

This product is available from Amazon and is currently in the sale with a saving of £5.00

I Highly recommend this product and if you want soft and smooth skin then purchase yours today.

I was sent this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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