A Review: Sinivalia Watermelon Healing Oil


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I was Asked by the Sinivalia skin care company to test and review their Watermelon Healing Body oil.


I received this oil 5 days ago and I have used it everyday.

I used this oil after I Cleansed and toned my face instead of using my normal moisturizer, I also used it on the rest of my body after I had a Shower or a bath.

The first time I used it I think I may have used too much as it left my skin dripping with oil, but once it soaked in it left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I tried again the next day but this time I only used a small amount, i rubbed it into my skin and it was absorbed very quickly and my skin felt instantly hydrated.

I also used it on my children after there bath’s and it also left their skin feeling smooth and silky.

Since I’ve been using this product my face looks healthy and feels amazing. I have also noticed my dry skin around my nose and on my forehead has disappeared which has allowed my foundation to go on a lot smoother.

I have had compliments on how healthy I look as well.

My 2-year-old cousin came round today and while changing his nappy I noticed that he had an eczema type rash on his legs. I used a splash of this oil and it quickly hydrated it, leaving it smooth.

So What’s In this Beautiful Stuff

This oil has watermelon seed oil in it which is known for its antioxidant properties, they are also great sources of Magnesium and vitamin B which are packed full of nourishing nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids which help with keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

Watermelon seed oil naturally eliminates toxins throughout the skin, it also helps to get rid of sebum and surface dirt which leaves skin feeling clean and healthy.

This oil can also be used on the hair to help tame frizz and will leave your hair feeling and looking great.

This magical healing oil can be purchased from Amazon and is currently on sale with a saving of £5.00.

Sinivalia also send out Thankyou emails after purchase which includes a 10% off coupon that can be used throughout their catalogue.

I highly recommend this oil for adults and children and its something that can be added to your daily skin care routine.

I was sent this product for free in return for an honest review.

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