A Review: Sinivalia Rose Cleanser and Toner


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I Was asked By the skin care Company Sinivalia to test and review there Rose Cleanser and toner.


I ordered this cleanser from Amazon and because I am I using my free trial for Amazon prime it arrived the next day.

When the cleanser arrived I couldn’t wait to use it but I waited until that night to use it as I wanted to see if it took all the make up and maybe any dirt that may have built up on my face during the day.

I poured some of the Cleanser/ toner onto a cotton ball and I started on my eyes, the cleanser took off all my mascara quickly and I went onto the next eye. I was completely mascara free and my eyes also felt refreshed.

I then cleaned the rest of my face with another cotton ball and a splash of the cleanser, It took away all  my foundation and left my skin feeling Clean and soft.

After 3 days of using the cleanser my skin felt as soft as silk and it looked very healthy, the best my skin has ever looked.

So what’s in this Magical stuff:

This Cleanser is Pure and made with all natural ingredients, it is Paraben, Gluten and sulphate free. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that help to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The Rosewood compounds that are in the cleanser help the skins natural renewal process which has rejuvenating effects.

This natural nourishing skin cleanser replaces moisture with every use instead of taking the moisture away like other cleansers on the market.

The formula for this amazing cleanser is PH balanced which means its very gentle on the skin so can be used on sensitive and damaged skin.

Using a facial toner daily helps to keep pores clean and decreases any chance of pore blockage.

I was highly impressed on how this cleanser left my skin. it felt refreshed and revitalised after every use and its definitely something i would recommend for anybody to use that has dry and dull skin.

You can Purchase this wonderful skin care cleanser from Amazon and it’s currently only £10.99 with a saving of £5.00.

After I purchased this item Sinivalia emailed me thanking me for purchasing this cleanser, and they even sent me a coupon code which allows me to have 10% of anything throughout their catalogue ,which can be used as many times as I want.

Not only are the products great but the company is great to and they really do care about their customers.

I received this product for free in return for a honest review.
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