A Review: FunKids Radio Show


I was asked to listen to the FunKids radio show and review it, as it is a kids radio station I thought the best people to help me with the review would be my children. I Have two daughter’s Chloe who is nearly five and Scarlet who is two.

I listened to the show briefly when Chloe went to school and I noticed that the show was playing music that would appeal and was relevant to a toddler, which I Thought was brilliant as they took into account who their listeners would be at that time of day.

I decided to tune in to the show at their dinnertime, so they could enjoy the show whilst eating their dinner. I used the Radio player on my phone and I connected my phone to a Bluetooth speaker to make it loud enough for them to hear. The Presenter that was on was a lady called Bex, she had a really jolly voice which encouraged my girls to listen to her.

FunKids radio show played music from todays charts as well as a few Disney songs. A song from the film Frozen came on which made my children jump with delight as its their favourite film. A Hannah Montana Song came on after and my girls have never heard it before but it really appealed to them and they both enjoyed trying to sing along (even though they didn’t know the words).

After they finished their dinner they both got down from the table and started to dance to the music that was being played. There were songs being played that encouraged my Children to do certain dance moves, both my girls enjoyed doing these dance routines.

My eldest loved the idea that the radio station was just for kids and was actually quite excited by the fact.

There are also competitions that the Children can get involved in that are relevant to their age.

The FunKids radio show is only available on DAB Radio and online. More information can be found on there Facebook Page and also `Twitter. They also have a website which can be found here.

The website has lots of fun articles for the older children to read, as well as information on all the presenters. There are also opportunities to win things on the site.

I also noticed that they have learning material’s on their site and it is very easy to use which is perfect for the kids. You are also able to request songs on the website that you want the show to play.

FunKids is definitely a Radio show I will now have on in my car when I have the kids as it will keep them entertained while im driving.

I highly recommend that you tune in when your children are around as they will enjoy it just as my Children did.


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