Fun in the Garden

‘This is my entry into Waltons blogger competition to win a wooden playhouse. If you’d like to enter please visit Twin Mummy and Daddy for the details’.

My Garden is a really decent size and currently looks like a playground, my children have a 15ft Trampoline, slide and climbing frame as well as a sandpit. My girls like nothing more then playing in the garden and they play out there for hours.

image (2)image

My other half plays catch with my girls in the garden every evening (depending on the weather) before bed time and my girls love it. They enjoy running round like headless chickens, it also makes them tired which is perfect as they go to bed without making a fuss.

Even in the colder months my girls enjoy dressing up in warm clothes and playing on the trampoline, they have even made up there own games to keep themselves occupied.

In the summer my eldest enjoys having her friends over so last summer I put out a little picnic on the grass for them to enjoy.


I also brought a little paddling pool last year and my fiancé had a good idea, he put the kids slide into the pool to create a water slide and the girls loved it and played outside for nearly 6 hours.


;;;;I love having a garden and I think my children would be lost without it as they are out there everyday when’s its not raining of course.


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