A Review: Insta Natural Vitamin C Toner


I was Sent a bottle of this beautiful stuff last week and I have used it everyday since. it is a toner that can be used on a daily basis and be apart of your daily skin care routine.

The bottle is a decent size and will last for a fair few months. It has directions on how to use it on the bottle as well as its quality’s and effect.

It States that it is pore toning as well as a hydrator, it’s also infused with age-defying ingredients that leave your skin feeling refreshed and balanced. The Vitamin C that is In mist helps renew skin by neutralising the free radicals and UV related damage. The witch hazel that is also in the mist purify oily skin and tightens pores. The sulphur helps deep penetration of the ingredients which in turn increases skin elasticity. With each spray of this wonderful mist the face is restored to natural PH levels and is in good condition to absorb serums and moisturizer that are then applied to the face.

So what effect did it have on my skin.

well I have combination skin with a very dry T zone that does tend to flake, I have used various exfoliators and face washes to try to combat this but nothing ever really worked. I started using this spray five days ago and the difference is incredible, my face feels fresh and the dryness has disappeared.

I use it every morning after I have washed my face with my face soap, it wakes my skin up and I feel refreshed after every use. The aroma of witch hazel and citrus notes also adds a bit of relaxation.

So where can you purchase this magic stuff from.

 You can purchase Insta Natural Vitamin C spray from Amazon, and it’s currently on sale at a price of £20.95 with a saving of £29.00 (58%).

I give the Vitamin C spray 5 out of 5 and this is purely because it has helped with my dry skin which is something I’ve tried to get rid of for months now.

I highly recommend this product and its definitely something I shall carry on using.


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