Old El Paso One Pot Rice


Tonight I thought I’d try the Old El Paso One Pot Rice dinner kit, as they were on offer in Asda and it looked delicious. The kit comprises of garlic and chilli seasoned rice, tomato based sauce and a fragrant spice mix.


This kit says to use chicken and peppers but you can easily make it your own by adding your favourite meat and veg.

I also added chorizo, fresh tomatoes and chilli flakes to give it a little kick.

The first thing I did was chop my chicken into thin strips,  the chorizo into quarters, the peppers into small chunks and the tomatoes into quarters.

All the instructions are on the back of the box and I just followed them. First it says to fry off the chicken until sealed, then add the veg. At this point I added the peppers, tomatoes and chorizo as well as a good pinch of chilli flakes (to give it a kick).


I left them to fry for about 3 mins. I then added the seasoned rice and mixed it all together. I then left it for around 3 mins before adding the sauce, spice mix and water.


I then brought it to the boil and left it to simmer for 15 minutes until moat of the water had disappeared.

What I ended up with was a very delicious dish, with tender chicken pieces and a good kick of chilli.

I served the rice dish with a tomato flat bread and a garlic flat bread which accompanied it perfectly.


I highly recommend that everyone try’s it as it was a highly satisfying meal with a great flavour.


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