A Review: Clyppi Nail Clippers


I was Asked by the Clyppi manufactures to test and review the Clyppi finger and toe Nail clippers.

I am quite happy that I got to try these out as I have been looking for some clippers suitable for my children, as all the other ones I have tried have cut the nails down far to short.

My youngest daughter is 2 years old and she is at that stage where she likes to scratch everyone when she’s in the middle of a tantrum, so I was very happy when they arrived that I could get rid of her nails so she would be unable to hurt anyone.

They are made in such a way that I found it impossible to cut the nail to short, which gave me confidence when using them as I hate cutting my children’s nails in case I cut them to much and hurt them.

The Chunky design of the Clyppi also allows them to be easily held.

On each clipper there is also a small nail file which is brilliant. It filed my nails down perfectly and I was also able to shape them how I desired.


I was sent a couple of pairs of the clippers, including a pair with a carry case.

My Mother is a District Nurse, and she asked me if she could have a pair of them to use at work as the clippers she had didn’t cut through her patients nails, so I gave her a pair which included a case so she could just slip them in her pocket. She used them on one of her lady patients finger nails and was pleasantly surprised with them. Her patient has very strong nails which she was unable to cut before, but she was able to cut with ease with the clyppi, and she described it as a knife going through butter.

I am very pleased with the Clyppi and will defiantly keep using them in the future.

I give the Clyppi 5 out of 5 as they do exactly what they are suppose to do whilst making it easy.

They come in a variety of ways, you can purchase the nail or toe clippers together or separately.

You can Purchase a pair from Amazon and I promise you wont be disappointed.



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