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A Review: Sinivalia Bentonite Clay Face Mask


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I was sent the Sinivalia clay face mask to test and review.


when this product arrived I was expecting a ready-made face mask but the tub that came was just the clay powder which meant that I would have to mix it myself. it has the instructions on the tub on how to mix and what to mix it with, the clay powder can be mixed with plain warm water or the Sinivalia Rose toner and cleanser.

The fact that I had to mix the powder with water means that this will last quite a long time. I mixed 3 teaspoons of the powder with a splash of the cleanser and toner, I felt that it still needed more liquid so I added a bit of warm water to. When I began to mix it up it started to resemble some sort of green sludge.


I carried on mixing then I applied it to my face. I used a make up sponge to do this. When I applied it to my face I expected it to completely cover my face and turn it green but it went on clear. As it dried I could feel my skin getting tighter and when I looked in the mirror my face had turned white.


I left the mask on for 15 minutes just like I was instructed to do, I then rinsed my face with warm water and used a flannel to remove any existing clay. when it was fully removed my skin looked quite red but after about 10 minutes it was back to normal.

my skin felt very soft and smooth and I felt relaxed after using it.

So what’s in this product.

Bentonite clay contains over 70 trace minerals and its the most powerful healing product on the market. This clay mask is Paraben, Gluten and Sulphate free which allows it to be used on all skin types.

Bentonite clay helps with oil absorption, reducing skin congestion which also helps eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin.

This product can be used on men as well as women and has amazing anti- aging power in every use.

This product is available from Amazon and is currently in the sale with a saving of £5.00

I Highly recommend this product and if you want soft and smooth skin then purchase yours today.

I was sent this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Happy Fathers Day


I’m going to start with my dad. My dad can be a grumpy man at times but he still has been there for me all my life, if I ever need help he is there and he is a brilliant Grandfather to my children (even if he does get them hyper on sweets then goes home). He loves every one of his grandchildren unconditionally and isn’t afraid to show it.

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I have lots of fond memories of my Dad and there something I will Cherish forever.

The next Man in my life that I want to mention is Jim (my Father in Law). He is an amazing Grandfather and a great dad to my Fiance Andy. He to has always been there when we have had a spot of trouble and my girls Adore him. He spends a lot of time with my girls and always makes them happy.

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Last but not least I want to mention the main man in my life my fiancé Andy.


Andy is a brilliant father, he has given me the best gift i could ever ask for and that’s my two beautiful girls.

My girls adore him and I couldn’t ask for a better Dad for my girls.

He works very hard to make sure we are looked after, and he always makes an effort to keep the kids entertained.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers and Grandfathers out there I hope you all have a brilliant day.

A Review: Sinivalia Watermelon Healing Oil


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I was Asked by the Sinivalia skin care company to test and review their Watermelon Healing Body oil.


I received this oil 5 days ago and I have used it everyday.

I used this oil after I Cleansed and toned my face instead of using my normal moisturizer, I also used it on the rest of my body after I had a Shower or a bath.

The first time I used it I think I may have used too much as it left my skin dripping with oil, but once it soaked in it left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I tried again the next day but this time I only used a small amount, i rubbed it into my skin and it was absorbed very quickly and my skin felt instantly hydrated.

I also used it on my children after there bath’s and it also left their skin feeling smooth and silky.

Since I’ve been using this product my face looks healthy and feels amazing. I have also noticed my dry skin around my nose and on my forehead has disappeared which has allowed my foundation to go on a lot smoother.

I have had compliments on how healthy I look as well.

My 2-year-old cousin came round today and while changing his nappy I noticed that he had an eczema type rash on his legs. I used a splash of this oil and it quickly hydrated it, leaving it smooth.

So What’s In this Beautiful Stuff

This oil has watermelon seed oil in it which is known for its antioxidant properties, they are also great sources of Magnesium and vitamin B which are packed full of nourishing nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids which help with keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

Watermelon seed oil naturally eliminates toxins throughout the skin, it also helps to get rid of sebum and surface dirt which leaves skin feeling clean and healthy.

This oil can also be used on the hair to help tame frizz and will leave your hair feeling and looking great.

This magical healing oil can be purchased from Amazon and is currently on sale with a saving of £5.00.

Sinivalia also send out Thankyou emails after purchase which includes a 10% off coupon that can be used throughout their catalogue.

I highly recommend this oil for adults and children and its something that can be added to your daily skin care routine.

I was sent this product for free in return for an honest review.

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A Review: Sinivalia Rose Cleanser and Toner


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I Was asked By the skin care Company Sinivalia to test and review there Rose Cleanser and toner.


I ordered this cleanser from Amazon and because I am I using my free trial for Amazon prime it arrived the next day.

When the cleanser arrived I couldn’t wait to use it but I waited until that night to use it as I wanted to see if it took all the make up and maybe any dirt that may have built up on my face during the day.

I poured some of the Cleanser/ toner onto a cotton ball and I started on my eyes, the cleanser took off all my mascara quickly and I went onto the next eye. I was completely mascara free and my eyes also felt refreshed.

I then cleaned the rest of my face with another cotton ball and a splash of the cleanser, It took away all  my foundation and left my skin feeling Clean and soft.

After 3 days of using the cleanser my skin felt as soft as silk and it looked very healthy, the best my skin has ever looked.

So what’s in this Magical stuff:

This Cleanser is Pure and made with all natural ingredients, it is Paraben, Gluten and sulphate free. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that help to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The Rosewood compounds that are in the cleanser help the skins natural renewal process which has rejuvenating effects.

This natural nourishing skin cleanser replaces moisture with every use instead of taking the moisture away like other cleansers on the market.

The formula for this amazing cleanser is PH balanced which means its very gentle on the skin so can be used on sensitive and damaged skin.

Using a facial toner daily helps to keep pores clean and decreases any chance of pore blockage.

I was highly impressed on how this cleanser left my skin. it felt refreshed and revitalised after every use and its definitely something i would recommend for anybody to use that has dry and dull skin.

You can Purchase this wonderful skin care cleanser from Amazon and it’s currently only £10.99 with a saving of £5.00.

After I purchased this item Sinivalia emailed me thanking me for purchasing this cleanser, and they even sent me a coupon code which allows me to have 10% of anything throughout their catalogue ,which can be used as many times as I want.

Not only are the products great but the company is great to and they really do care about their customers.

I received this product for free in return for a honest review.
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Hip Dysplasia and the Pavlic Harness


I thought I would write a post about something that I feel isn’t talked about very much, and not a lot of parents Know a lot about it.

When my youngest Scarlet was born she had the normal check that every new-born baby has, the Doctor who was doing the health check noticed that Scarlet’s hips clicked when they were rotated. The doctor made an appointment for when Scarlet was a week old, to come back to the hospital for a hip scan. (which is an ultrasound on the hip-joint).

The day came for me to take her and I thought it was just routine and we would be sent home with nothing to worry about, But I was wrong, when the Midwife checked her hips she explained that her hips were very shallow and weren’t fully in the sockets. This made me panic and I was very upset at the thought that my baby had something wrong with her. The midwife also explained that she may have developmental delay when it comes to crawling and walking and could even end up having an operation which scared me even more. I left the hospital feeling heart-broken and worried. The midwife refered Scarlet to the Children’s Hospital to have further checks.

The appointment letter came through within a week and we were seen when Scarlet was only three weeks old. When we got to the hospital we were directed to the hip clinic, When we got there the first thing I noticed was the amount of baby girls that were there to have a hip scan. We went into the room where the scan would take place and Scarlet had to lie on a bed completely naked so the Hip Consultant could get a proper look at her hips. While doing the scan the Doctor was speaking to his colleagues using long words that had no meaning to me, this made me worry that there was something seriously wrong with her.

The Scan was complete and the Doctor explained that she did in fact have shallow hips but the right one was so shallow that it could actually come out of the joint at anytime. I was beside my self with panic so I began to ask questions. I asked what the next step was and that’s when I first saw the Pavlic Harness in all its horrible glory. He explained that scarlet would have to wear the harness for at least 13 weeks, 24 hours a day, the purpose of the Harness was to keep her legs in a frog like position so the bone could form correctly around it.  He then put it on her and explained that it can not be adjusted or taken off at all. Which meant that bathing her went out the window and I would only be able to wash her with a cloth, she also wasn’t able to wear any sort of trousers or baby grows which meant I had to go shopping for dresses which I brought a size bigger so it would completely cover her legs.

I wasn’t able to hold and cuddle Scarlet either as she constantly had her legs open so I wasn’t sure how to hold her, this did really upset me as I just wanted to cuddle my new-born baby and I wasn’t able to.

I soon got used to it and had to have the thought in my mind that this will help my daughter and after the 13 weeks she will be fine.

After 2 weeks of having it on which was Christmas day I was forced to take her to the hospital in the early hours as she screamed for 5 hours straight and I couldn’t do anything to make her stop. When we got to the hospital we were seen very quickly as she was so young and the hip Doctor was called in as the Doctors on shift that night knew nothing about the harness. The Hip doctor took the harness off her legs, she must have had a growth spurt as the harness was that tight that it was actually cutting into her leg which explained why she was crying for so long.

After a month of the harness being on it started to stink as I was unable to wash it, this is one of the things I hated about it.

We went to the Hip clinic every two weeks for the Doctors to check it and adjust it and the amount of babies that had to wear the Pavlic harness really surprised me, I had never heard of it before Scarlet had to have it.

One thing that annoyed me When Scarlet had the harness on was how little the Doctors and Health Visitors Knew about Hip dysplasia, this meant every time I felt there was a problem with it I had to travel half an hour to get to the children’s just for it to be checked, Instead of going up the road to my GP’s.

 DSC_0044-MOTION.gif (1)Scarlet is now nearly 3 and was signed off from the Children’s Hospital in January, the Pavlik harness did its job and she doesn’t have any more problems. It didn’t have an effect on her development and she walked at 10 months which surprised us all. Without the harness things may have been different and her Hip dysplasia could have made life very hard for her.

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A Review: FunKids Radio Show


I was asked to listen to the FunKids radio show and review it, as it is a kids radio station I thought the best people to help me with the review would be my children. I Have two daughter’s Chloe who is nearly five and Scarlet who is two.

I listened to the show briefly when Chloe went to school and I noticed that the show was playing music that would appeal and was relevant to a toddler, which I Thought was brilliant as they took into account who their listeners would be at that time of day.

I decided to tune in to the show at their dinnertime, so they could enjoy the show whilst eating their dinner. I used the Radio player on my phone and I connected my phone to a Bluetooth speaker to make it loud enough for them to hear. The Presenter that was on was a lady called Bex, she had a really jolly voice which encouraged my girls to listen to her.

FunKids radio show played music from todays charts as well as a few Disney songs. A song from the film Frozen came on which made my children jump with delight as its their favourite film. A Hannah Montana Song came on after and my girls have never heard it before but it really appealed to them and they both enjoyed trying to sing along (even though they didn’t know the words).

After they finished their dinner they both got down from the table and started to dance to the music that was being played. There were songs being played that encouraged my Children to do certain dance moves, both my girls enjoyed doing these dance routines.

My eldest loved the idea that the radio station was just for kids and was actually quite excited by the fact.

There are also competitions that the Children can get involved in that are relevant to their age.

The FunKids radio show is only available on DAB Radio and online. More information can be found on there Facebook Page and also `Twitter. They also have a website which can be found here.

The website has lots of fun articles for the older children to read, as well as information on all the presenters. There are also opportunities to win things on the site.

I also noticed that they have learning material’s on their site and it is very easy to use which is perfect for the kids. You are also able to request songs on the website that you want the show to play.

FunKids is definitely a Radio show I will now have on in my car when I have the kids as it will keep them entertained while im driving.

I highly recommend that you tune in when your children are around as they will enjoy it just as my Children did.

Fun in the Garden

‘This is my entry into Waltons blogger competition to win a wooden playhouse. If you’d like to enter please visit Twin Mummy and Daddy for the details’.

My Garden is a really decent size and currently looks like a playground, my children have a 15ft Trampoline, slide and climbing frame as well as a sandpit. My girls like nothing more then playing in the garden and they play out there for hours.

image (2)image

My other half plays catch with my girls in the garden every evening (depending on the weather) before bed time and my girls love it. They enjoy running round like headless chickens, it also makes them tired which is perfect as they go to bed without making a fuss.

Even in the colder months my girls enjoy dressing up in warm clothes and playing on the trampoline, they have even made up there own games to keep themselves occupied.

In the summer my eldest enjoys having her friends over so last summer I put out a little picnic on the grass for them to enjoy.


I also brought a little paddling pool last year and my fiancé had a good idea, he put the kids slide into the pool to create a water slide and the girls loved it and played outside for nearly 6 hours.


;;;;I love having a garden and I think my children would be lost without it as they are out there everyday when’s its not raining of course.

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