A review: Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder


I was asked to test and review the Matcha Green Tea Powder by Kiss me organics.


So what is Matcha I hear you ask, it is green tea from the camellia sinensis,  Matcha is ground down to a very fine powder. unlike other variety’s of this tea Matcha has not been fermented. Matcha is also grown in the shade which allows the leaves to turn into a dark green colour. This gives Matcha its brilliant amino acids.

This powder has many benefits including metabolism boosts, energy boosts and improved skin health.

Metabolism Boost

Eating and drinking Matcha Green tea increases the body’s own rate of burning calories for the normal 8-10% of daily energy expenditure to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure.

Energy Boosts

it provides 4 to 6 ours of added mild steady energy as it acts as a stimulant and a relaxant.

Improved skin health

Matcha Green tea helps protect the skin from UV Rays, while improving blood flow and oxygen levels.

Matcha green tea also has antioxidant qualitys that boosts your body’s natural defences against oxidation.

so now all the information about the teas has been said what does the tea actually taste like.

most dietary supplement’s I have tried tend not to taste to good but I can honestly say Matcha Green tea has quite a pleasant taste. I tried it in two forms, the first time I tried it I just added a teaspoon of the tea powder to half a cup of water then I added milk. I stirred it for a while to ensure that the powder was fully dissolved. The colour wasn’t that appealing to the eye but it did taste nice. I am a fan of green tea anyway and I quite enjoy a cup now and again so i’m happy that this tasted the same. it was a very subtle taste and didn’t need sugar or sweetener as I found it quite sweet without it.

I have recently brought a smoothie maker so I thought I would try the green tea in a smoothie. i added a banana, pineapple, watermelon, ice, teaspoon of chia seeds, tea-spoon of green tea and a splash of beetroot, blackcurrant and apple juice. Again the colour wasn’t to appealing it resembled some sort of green slime, but the taste was amazing. the Matcha Green Tea added a nice flavour and it was quite a pleasant smoothie.

20150524_130605 20150524_130859

before i drank the smoothie i was feeling quite lethargic as my 2 year old isn’t sleeping to well so i definitely needed a little pick me up and to my surprise within half an hour i felt a bit more energised and my concentration increased.

Match Green Tea is Available from Amazon and is currently in the sale, it’s priced at £18.00 with a saving of £4.00.

Once you’ve purchased the matcha green tea powder, kiss me organics will email you a recipe guide packed with ideas and instructions on how to create different dishes and drinks using the Matcha powder.

I was surprised by the amount of recipes included in the guide, there are recipes for smoothies, cocktails, breakfast, dinner and sweet treats.

even if you’re not a tea drinker there is such a huge variety of ways you can use Matcha there really is something for everybody.

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