Baby Show 2015


My lovely friend Laura from mindmoodmommy, gave me a ticket to attend the Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

I Have been three times before and I always have a good time, and always come home with freebies.

There were lots of exhibitors there including Tommee tippie, Cossato and as always Baby Planet.

I took my little girl Scarlet along with Me as they have activity and demo’s that she could take part in.

The first demo that was on when we got there was toddler sense. They asked the children to sit down in a circle and they brought out a basket with wooden sticks in it. The children then got 2 each and sat back down, the lady who was doing the demo sat with the children and they did there welcome song while banging the sticks together.  Scarlet really enjoyed making a noise with the sticks and she liked learning the welcome song.

They then moved onto another song, the children were then given maracas, wooden spoons and plastic tubs that they used as drums.  The children were encouraged to shake and bang along with the music.  All the children joined in and we’re having loads of fun.


After this activity the children were encouraged to tidy the instruments away. They then we’re given pom poms and dancing ribbon. Another song was played and they were asked to shake the pom poms and jump and dance about. This was so much fun and really got the children up and active.


The last activity they did was with a large sheet of material.  The parents grabbed hold of the ends of the material and pulled it tight. The toddler sense staff then threw balloons onto the material and the parents lifted the netting up and down so the balloons were thrown into the air.  This was a lot of fun and there were smiles and laughter all round.

It was the end of the demo and the staff taught the children the goodbye song. This was a very enjoyable experience and my daughter loved it.

It was time to have a look around the rest of the show, there were lots of demonstrations going on around the hall of the different types of pushchairs, travel systems, car seats and bouncy chairs that were on offer. It really was a parents paradise and there was something for everybody.

Tommee tippiee hosted the feeding area and there were bottle warmers and microwaves avaliable to use for feeding your baby’s.

As well opportunities to buy new things there was also lots of advice and tips to be learnt as you ambled round, from breast feeding advice and tools to weaning advice.

Mamia hosted the baby changing and there was nappies on hand for you to use as well as baby wipes. Stokke provided the changing tables.

My daughter also enjoyed the soft play area that was avaliable for her to use.

I did buy one thing that I thought was a brilliant idea, that was Russel the dream sheep dog. It is a toddler comforter that has soothing lights and a recording setting that allows you to record your child’s favourite song or lullaby. You could even record a story or just use your voice to help comfort the child. The idea behind it is something your child can have in bed with them that will comfort them to ensure they have a good night’s sleep. I’m yet to see if it works but I’m hoping it does as my daughter will not sleep at night without me next to her which Is now taking its toll on me.


All in all it was a nice day out which me and my daughter enjoyed.

The only problem is I am now really broody and would love another baby.


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