Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness week Happens every year between the dates 11th and 17th of may. This is a subject that is close to my heart, and something that I have experienced myself.

I suffer with anxiety attacks and have done since I was a teen, although my anxiety heightened around 4 years ago when my first daughter was 9 months old.

Mental health involves a wide range of health problems including Schizophrenia, bi polar, depression and anxiety.

According to the Mental health foundation 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, with anxiety and depression being the most common mental disorder in Britain.

Most Mental Health issues are something that can’t be seen on the outside, that’s why raising awareness is so important. Without the help of teams such as the Mental Health Foundation and Anxiety UK, People living with Mental Health issues will Suffer in silence.

There are now Therapies available to help with mental health disorders such as CBT, for people who are not familiar with CBT it means Cognative Behavioural Therapy. I myself have attended CBT and I found some aspects helpful but it sadly wasn’t for me.

CBT is a weekly workshop where your usually spend an hour with a CBT therapist and other people who suffer from mental health issues. it works by looking at the overwhelming problems that you come across through life and breaking them down into smaller parts, you can then turn the negative parts into positive.

As I have already mentioned CBT didn’t help me a great deal but I have friends who found it really helpful.

I now take citalopram which is an antidepressant, it has really helped me get back to the person i once was, and has decreased my anxiety a great deal. but there are people out in the world that need the help and support of others, that’s why mental health awareness week is so important.


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