Daily Rant


I have decided im going to do a daily rant post, as just lately there is something that happens everyday that really gets on my nerves.

its a way for me to get my anger out instead of taking it out on the people who are close to me.

Today Started ok until I got up and my youngest daughter Scarlet decided to just scream at me when she saw me. I never got the cuddle and good morning mommy, Instead she decided to demand lots of things and if I never got them quick enough she would scream and hit me. Every one that knows me knows that I am not a morning person and I have to have at least two cups of coffee before any one dares to speak to me, so having my daughter scream at me was not the best idea.

she then finally calmed down and I could relax and enjoy my coffee.

My Eldest daughter finished school and came out with the moodiest face ive ever seen, so I knew straight away she was going to be a nightmare. As soon as she saw me she looked at me like she wanted to kill me. she then started moaning that I was driving and her dad wasn’t, apparently she doesn’t like my driving.

Another thing that has annoyed me today is traffic. I am a new driver (even though I passed my test 5 years ago). I didn’t like driving when I passed my test as I was pregnant and was worried I may crash and hurt my baby. I then tried again when my daughter was born, but again I didn’t trust myself with her in the car.

My Anxiety problems then started which stopped me from driving as I would have a panic every time I got in the car. I am now in a better state of mind so im driving again,  and I cant believe I didn’t do it sooner. I love driving and I love the freedom I have. Today was different though I was stuck in traffic which was only for about half an hour but it seemed like forever and its the first time I actually hated driving. After my horrible driving experience I finally got home, I thought I would put the dinner on and relax but that did not happen instead my two girls decided it would be fun to roll around the floor and scream at me for a drink. I did them one then sat down. They then decided they didn’t like each other and started arguing. I cant wait for bed time, I love my children more then life itself, but they know exactly what buttons to press to wind me up.

well I hope I have a rant free day tomorrow but if not you will surely hear about it.


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