Washing, Washing and more Washing


The one thing about being an adult I hate is washing.

There always seems to loads of it and I can never get on top of it. The great British weather doesn’t help either, as it rains more often then not and I don’t like using the tumble dryer due to how expensive it is to run, and it also has an effect on the clothes to.

Being a mom of two also adds to my washing dilemma as my kids seem to go through clothes like hot dinners, and for some reason so does my fiance.

I don’t iron everything at once either as that would take me days, so I iron on demand.

I currently live with my mom due to finances which makes it worse as she only has to look after herself so she gets her washing done before me, and she is constantly moaning about the amount of washing I have.

I will hold my hands up and say yes I am crap when it comes to washing, as sometimes I just can’t face doing it which then creates a massive pile at the end of the week.

I’m so jealous of these mothers who seem to be super moms and get everything done day after day. I do ask myself why can’t I be like these mother and it does boil down to the fact that I am just lazy sometimes.

I need a kick in the right direction but I just don’t seem to have get up and go I used to have.

The one thing I’ve realised now I’m an adult is just how hard my parents worked when I was growing up, and I feel now that I may not have appreciated the small things they did for me while I was growing up.


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