Something Different For The Kids

While I was browsing through twitter yesterday I came across this recipe using frankfurter sausages and spaghetti. It looked really good and I thought my kids love sausages and spaghetti so I thought I’d give them ago.

Here’s what’s needed:

2 tins of hot dog sausages ( I cooked for three children and they eat all 12 sausages)

1 packet of spaghetti

I jar of Ragu sauce ( or use whatever your children like)

First you have to drain the sausages and cut them up into three. Put some uncooked spaghetti through the sausage then repeat again with another piece of spaghetti. You can use as many spaghetti stands as you like l, I used three. Then put another piece of sausage through the spaghetti and place in a pan ready to cook.

Repeat this until you’ve used all the sausages up.


Cook according to the guidelines on the spaghetti packet.

Once the spaghetti is cooked serve with side of Ragu sauce.


My children really enjoyed this and it added a bit of fun to dinner time.


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