The Love Between Siblings


Having my two daughters is the best achievement of my life, and one of the things I love about them is there love for each other.

Yes they do have there occasional arguments and little fights, but when scarlet (my youngest) is Hurt Chloe is always there to comfort her, and When Scarlet needs help she’s there straight away to lend a hand.


Chloe is an amazing big sister and is always teaching Scarlet new things. This morning they were both lay on my bed facing each other, and Chloe sang the rhyme Hot Cross Buns to Scarlet, She then asked Scarlet to sing it back to her. Scarlet is only 2 and a half so her version wasn’t quite right but Chloe still clapped and praised her.


They hold hands when they are out together and Chloe is always watching her to make sure she’s ok.

Chloe has just started gymnastics and has learnt how to gambol. Scarlet loves to be able to do whatever Chloe does so she tried her hardest to do a gambol, the first time she didn’t succeed but Chloe jumped right in and helped her. She showed her how it’s done and persevered with her in till she did it. Scarlet can now do a perfect Gambol and loves showing everybody.

If Scarlet does something that she shouldn’t Chloe is always the first one to tell her not to, she is such a lovely role model for Scarlet to have and I’m very proud of her.

I love my girls more then life itself and it’s such a pleasure to watch them play and grow.






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