Snoring Hell


My fiance Andy has a real bad snoring problem, which can be annoying and really does infuriate me. I know it’s not his fault and he has no idea he’s doing it but that doesn’t take away from the true annoyance it is.

I love sleep and if I don’t get a full night of it I turn into a grouchy crazy women the next day. As you no if you’ve read my blog posts on my page I also have 2 children which can also lead me to having no sleep.

Andy’s snoring can get so bad sometimes that I will have an overwhelming urge to push him out the bed, or smoother him with a pillow ( of course I’ve never done this) but the feeling I get when he’s keeping me awake with these horrible sounds drives me insane.

My eldest daughter also can’t stand his snoring and on occasion he does fall asleep on the sofa, while we are watching kids films. He snores that loud that nobody can hear the TV which annoys my daughter that much she then will shout in his face “YOUR SNORING AGAIN” this then scares Andy to death and wakes him with a fright.

His snoring is the worst when he’s had a drink, it gets that bad that he wakes the whole house up.

So after months and months of me being kept awake by this snoring annoyance I’m going to put some real effort into finding a solution.

Any advice or tips are welcomed.


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