Cajun Pulled Pork

Tonight I made Cajun Pulled Pork for some very good friends of ours. The recipe I used I found whilst browsing the Internet.

The website is

The pulled pork that is created using this recipe is tender and packed full of tasty goodness.

It is cooked in a slow cooker which enables you to prepare it in the morning and leave it while you get on with your day.

The first time that you create this dish it can be quite expensive as you need a lot of spices, but once there purchased you can recreate it again and again.  ( And believe me you will).

I leave the meat to cook for at least 7 hours this makes it very tender and helps you pull it with ease.

There is also a recipe for Cajun Coleslaw included on the page, which is a perfect accompaniment and it adds a bit of a kick to the dish.

I serve my pulled pork in white bap’s with a side of chips.

It really is an enjoyable meal and I highly recommend you try it.



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