Spicy Chicken Jalfrezi

I really fancied something spicy for dinner tonight so I decided I would make a chicken Jalfrezi.  This is one of my favourite curries and something I often order when I go to a Indian restaurant.

I did what I always do and looked on the Internet for a recipe that sounded delicious and easy to make, and I came across this one:


I prepared all my spices and split them into dishes in the order that there added, and I chopped up my chicken and peppers, I will also be adding mushrooms to the curry as we all love mushrooms.


I then started to cook the curry according to the recipe.



I added the mushrooms the same time I added the peppers, and i also put 4 chopped green chillies at this time as me and my family love spicy food. I then cooked the whole curry for 45 minutes and then I turned it off and left it until I was ready to eat.20150409_202127

I served mine with yellow turmeric Basmati rice and Chapatis.



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