Easter Bank Holiday Family Day Out

As it’s Easter Bank holiday and the kids are off school, I thought it may be nice to spend the day together and have some fun.

We looked at various places to go but wonderland in Telford really caught my eye and I knew my girls would love it.

Wonderland is a theme park based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes. We paid £7.95 per adult and child and under 2s were free, which I thought was reasonably priced considering there are rides and attractions which are unlimited and are part of the price.

When you arrive you have to park on there pay and display car park, which was £3.00. You then walk through the entrance and the first rides are in view.

They had a caterpillar ride, the tea cups and a maze in the first bit of the park.  Then as you walk through there were little houses where they did an easter walk. Each house had a different character in it to greet the children and they filled there bags up with goodies. Once we did the easter walk, we decided we would take advantage of the nice weather and have a picnic.

When we all filled our tummys we then went and looked at the other attractions that were on offer. The first attraction we came to was a big red shoe. This is based on the nursery rhyme about an old lady who lived in a shoe.  Inside the shoe were animated dolls that told the nursery rhyme.


As we carried on walking we came to lots of other houses including snow whites and little red riding hoods house. Lots of nursery rhymes played as we walked round and my girls enjoyed singing along.



There was also a section filled with dinosaurs. There were interactive buttons that could be pressed to hear interesting facts on dinosaurs.



All in all our day out was very enjoyable and wonderland is defiantly a place I will visit again In the near future.


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