My Whole World And More


I haven’t really done a lot of cooking this week so, I thought I would write a post about my children.

Every mother is so proud of her children and I am the same. My girls are my whole world and they make my life complete.

My eldest daughter is Chloe May and she Is 4. She is a kind little girl who loves to help. She loves looking after her little sister and she enjoys helping me cook.


She started school last September and has learnt so much already. A few months back she read a book to Me and I felt my body bursting with pride. It’s so amazing when your child learns something for the first time. (I’m sure you’ll all agree).

Chloe loves crafts and at the moment she has taken an interest in making story books. She chooses a story she likes and recreates it with her own drawings.

Scarlet is my youngest daughter and she is 2. She is completely bonkers and I love her for it. She is completely different to Chloe, scarlet is a lot more outgoing where as Chloe is much quieter.


Scarlet loves to be the centre of attention and is always singing and dancing. She is my little ray of sunshine and it’s hard to be sad when around her.

She had recently learnt to talk and now is a little chatterbox. She loves to play with her big sister and loves to copy everything that she does.

She does have the occasional tantrum, and when she does she will take herself off to the stairs. Which can be really funny.

I throughly enjoy being a mother and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are good times and bad times but such is life.

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