Night Out Preparations.

So I’m having my first night out in ages on Saturday which I’m so excited about. I’m going out in Birmingham with two of my very best friends.

We are starting early and going for a nice lunch and some retail therapy, before heading to a hotel to get ready for a night of cocktails and naked men.

Yes we are going to see the Dreamboys, which is something I never normally do, but I’m hoping it will be good.

Anyway, I’ve brought a nice dress and some killer gold sparkly heels. The dress I’ve brought is armless so I thought there’s no way I could wear it without adding a bit of colour to my skin. As it’s been a very long time since I’ve been on a hot sunny beach my skin is very pale.  I decided I would have a spray tan. I have had one spray tan before and it was good but I wanted to try something different.

I started by looking on the Internet for mobile spray tan technicians, then I looked at the reviews for the different tans that are used. I finally found a technician that uses xen tan.  All the reviews I found for this tan were great, and I read that celebrity’s such as holly Willoughby use it, so I thought well holly Willoughby always looks beautiful and bronzed so I would give it a go.

When the technician came she set up her tent and gave me some sticky feet pads to wear. She then asked me how dark I would like it. Having a lack of experience with fake tan, I wasn’t to sure on how dark to go. She then asked me how dark I go when I go on holiday. From what I remember (it has been a long time) I did go quite dark so I decided to go for the darker shade.

I then had to do the dreaded thing and strip off down to my knickers, this was a bit embarrassing,  but after having two children I quickly got over it.

The technician told me exactly how to stand then she began to spray me, it was very cold but as my house is like living in a sauna it was welcomed.

I had to stand in a variety of positions, to ensure the tan was put on evenly.

This tan is the best smelling fake tan I have ever used. It smells like a freshly baked vanilla cake.

Once it was finished, the technician handed me the dryer and I dried my myself all over.

It took 15 minutes to do and the results were great.

I had beautiful olive skin that smelt delicious.

The only downside to having a spray tan is how sticky you feel after wards, but that’s only until you have your first shower.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this tan and the results are well worth it.


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