Not Your Traditional Sunday Roast

On a Sunday my mom usually cooks a beautiful Sunday roast. But as I’ve been poorly all week, and I feel better today, I thought I would make dinner as I have missed cooking.

When I was browsing recipes last week while I was cooped up in bed, I found a recipe for Chicken Kievs.

I love Chicken Kievs and there garlicky goodness, but they never seem to be oozing with garlic butter like they show you on the pictures.

I found a recipe on the Tesco website, which explains how to make them in a way I’ve never came across.  So I thought I may give it a go and see how they turn out.

In the recipe it says to make the garlic butter and chill In the fridge for an hour. I made mine the night before, so I didn’t have to wait around to much the next day.

The recipe is also for two Kievs, and I was making three so I doubled the amount of butter and added an extra garlic clove.




Then it goes on to explaining how to prepare the Chicken. It says to flattern the chicken between two sheets of cling film. This was harder then it sounded, as the chicken kept coming out the sides, so ensure you have enough space on the top, bottom and sides for the chicken to spread out.



It then says to chill in the fridge for at least 10 minutes, I left mine for half an hour to make sure it firmed up enough to coat in breadcrumbs.

Then comes the messy part, my kitchen resembled a bomb site by the time I’d finished coating the chicken.

It says to get three bowls, one with an beaten egg (I used two as I’m making more then the recipe states), one with seasoned flour and one with breadcrumbs.

You then have to to dip the chicken in the flour, egg then the breadcrumbs then fry for 2 minutes, just so the chicken seals.

Then transfer the chicken to the oven.



I cooked mine for 40 minutes which judging from the end result was a bit to long.


The chicken didn’t ooze garlicky goodness that I’d hoped for, but they were very tasty.  I think this was down to over cooking.

So in conclusion I wasn’t that happy with the way they turned out, but they were very tasty and I did enjoy them.

I will be trying them again in the future so keep an eye out to see how I get on.


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