Birthday Cake

When a friends or family members birthday is coming up I quite enjoy making them a birthday cake. I really enjoy baking but don’t really get the time to make them often, so I take advantage of my loved ones birthdays and I always make them a cake.

I have tried many cake recipes but never found one that turns out exactly how I want it. That was until it was time for me to make my friends 40th birthday cake.

I spent a few hours on the Internet looking at different madeira cake recipes looking for one that had good reviews. I finally found one and you can see the recipe here

I added lemon rind to my cake as I like the taste of lemon running through the cake.

I followed the recipe to the letter, but I did have to up the baking time to an hour and 15 to ensure it was cooked.

The cake turned out perfect. browned to perfection and the taste was amazing.

my friend loves dragons so I went with a dragon themed cake and the end result is something im very proud off as im not an experienced baker.


I used vanilla buttercream and jam in the middle of the cake and the recipe for the buttercream I used is a Betty Crocker recipe.!

The vanilla buttercream is amazing, so tasty and so sweet just perfect for a cake filling. I did tweak it a little and I used half unsalted butter and half salted, this is because one of my dearest friends (who is an experienced baker) taught me that by using the salted butter it takes some of the sweetness out, which makes it taste even more amazing.

I now have the baking bug so will be cooking up some wonderful creations (hopefully).


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