A great night out

On special occasions we like to go out to various restaurants, but one of my favourites is  Jilabi.

Jilabi is an indian restaurant on the Coventry road Birmingham.

We went there just last week for my friends 40th birthday. On arrival they take you to your seats and even pull the chairs out for you.

They have just had an extension and it is decorated to a high standard. Once seated they take your drinks order, then hand over the menus.

There choice is amazing and the prices are doubly amazing. They offer poppadoms just like most Indian restaurants, but something I rarely come across when I go to an Indian restaurant is the pickled garlic they serve as an accompaniment. It really is nice and if your a garlic lover like me you will love it.

Once all our meals were ordered it wasn’t long before the starter came out.

I ordered the tandoori king prawns, which are very tasty and spiced to perfection. I never liked prawns before I tried these. You get served two king prawns and a lovely fresh side salad.

Once all starters have been devoured the waiter then came over and took another drinks order, before cleaning the plates away ready for the mains.

The mains arrived in good time, I ordered a chicken dansak which is a medium Currie made with lentils and pineapple.  It’s a fruity dish that is so tasty, it definatly makes your taste buds tingle. It was very tasty and probably the best one I have had.

Along with my curry I ordered a side of garlic rice and a garlic naan, as you have probably guessed I am a garlic fan, the rice was cooked to perfection and the bread was crisp and full off garlic loveliness.

Once all the mains had been finished thee waiter quickly tidied the plates away then offered us complementary desserts, this consisted of ice cream, marshmallows and a cake made with chocolaty goodness. Along side this we were offered complimentary coffee or alcoholic short. I had a gin and tonic while the men did the manly thing and asked for whisky.

They then brought the cake I made for my friend, and all the waiters came round the table to join in the singing of happy birthday, which made her feel very special. They then offered us a complimentary bottle of champagne as it was a special occasion, which was a nice touch.

Overall this restaurant is a definite place to go on a night out. The staff are all very attentive and they make sure you have the best night. Along with all the complimentary desserts and drinks, they make you feel very welcome and you leave feeling full and happy.

If you ever get chance I highly recommend you give it a go. But I would ring and book a table as they do get very busy especially at the weekend.

Here’s the link to there website so you can have a browse at there menus.


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