Mothers Day Curry Night

So as it’s mothers day tomorrow I decided I would have my lovely Mother in law Kathy round to dinner, along with my Father in law Jim.

As it’s a special occasion I thought I would also invite my sister-in-law Sara,  my Mom lives with me so she joined us to and invited her boyfriend Richard along.

I decided to cook the chicken sag recipe off the website

I have made this curry before lots of times and is always a hit with my family.

When making this curry I do follow the recipe to some extent  but I have also changed it a bit and added extra ingredients.

I don’t use ghee as I find it too greasy and I’m trying to eat a bit healthier. So instead of ghee i use a dash of vegetable oil. I also add mushrooms to bulk the curry out a bit ( plus we all love mushrooms).

The recipe asks you to use 2 cups of spinach puree, I do this by putting the spinach in a saucepan and adding boiling water. I then put it on a low heat untill it softens and looks ready to be blended.


I then use a hand blender and give it a whizz.

I add the mushrooms after I’ve added the chicken and it has soaked up the curry paste.

I served my curry with yellow boiled basmati rice. To get the yellow colour I put 2 teaspoons of turmeric in the water before adding the rice.

All in all this curry is very tasty and has that authentic taste.

Definitely a crowd pleaser and a great addition to anyone’s dinner party.





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