Hello world!

So here’s some information about me.

I’m 26 and I’m currently living I’m my mother’s house with my fiance Andy and my two beautiful daughters Chloe may and Scarlet.

I decided to write a blog to share the recipes I have found that bring the takeaway experience to your home for half the price.

As you can imagine having children can have an effect on your bank balance, so I decided I would try to create an authentic experience at home.

Our favourite takeaway meal is a good curry. I have made curries in the past, but they lacked authenticity and just didn’t taste as good.  That was until I came across the website http://www.curryfrenzy.com

This website has some amazing recipes that really do taste like you have just ordered from your favourite curry house.

I will be cooking a variety of dishes and sharing them with you so you can also create these wonderful dishes at home.

I find it very rewarding when family and friends come round and eat the food I have cooked and love it.

So watch this space and happy cooking.


One thought on “Hello world!

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